what formtran customers are saying

“Thank you for the excellent service. We truly appreciate the attention, it is a rare find.”

Nursing Department, St. Joseph Hospital


Formtran works with leading organizations from a variety of industries to provide efficient and accurate data collection solutions. We can help you collect your valuable data and turn it into accessible information, information to help you make important decisions.

City of Long Beach

Technology has to be simple to use in an emergency. Formtran software makes it easy for the City of Long Beach to quickly and accurately collect swine flu vaccination forms and get the data into a central database so they can make decisions based on actual data. Formtran software was affordable enough to purchase a license for every public and private provider to use for flu and other public health data collection efforts.

Contra Costa County Health Services, Mental Health Division

The Contra Costa Mental Health Division provides mental health services for over 1 million adults and children in the San Francisco area. These services are provided through a system of care that includes the mental health staff, community based organizations, contract agencies and a network of private therapists. The Mental Health Division has several ongoing paper based forms and surveys that need to be collected and put into a database, including Consumer Perception Surveys and a Medication Monitoring form. They are using Formtran software to easily and securely scan forms from remote sites while maintaining strict HIPAA guidelines.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente East Bay, home of the flagship Oakland Medical Center and Richmond Medical Center, supports 12 cities and municipalities within the Alameda County and the western section of Contra Costa County. Formtran provided software to enable users in Richmond to scan documents 24/7 to Oakland for automatic processing.

LA County Department of Health – Emergency Preparedness

LACDPH has requirements for daily and emergency data collection. Daily data collection needs to be fast, accurate and easy to use for standard or ad hoc purposes. In the case of a catastrophic healthcare emergency, basic information needs to be collected on who is being served by LACDPH and how they were served. This information needs to be available as quickly as possible to authorized LACDPH personnel. System must be able to scan and store up to 13 million records. Formtran provided multiple software components to facilitate automated data collection.

Orange County Health Care Agency

The Orange County Health Care Agency (“OCHCA”) provides numerous healthcare services including ensuring that recreational waters are safe, helping people deal with drug and alcohol addictions, and providing physical therapy to disabled children. OCHCA is composed of several service areas including public health, behavioral health and institutional health services. OCHCA has dozens of ongoing projects data must be continuously collected. This involves digitizing and classifying paper forms from multiple sites and moving the images into the correct electronic repository while maintaining strict security guidelines per HIPAA. Formtran software provides a simple, secure way to scan, classify and OCR forms.

State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Is there a better place to hunt and fish than Alaska? That must be why the Alaska Department of Fish and Game gets so many permit applications. They are using Formtran software to scan thousands of permit applications, reports and other forms from remote offices throughout the state.

University of California, Berkeley

Created in 1990, the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) is a consortium of the California’s 20 accredited social work graduate schools, 58 county departments of social service and mental health, the California Departments of Social Services (CDSS) and Mental Health (CDMH), the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, professional associations, and foundations. It is the nation’s largest coalition of its kind working together to provide professional education, student financial aid, in-service training, and workforce research–all directed toward developing effective, culturally competent public service delivery to the people of California. Formtran software is used to scan images from remote sites to a central collection site where they are automatically processed.


Think Marines can’t be high tech? Think again. The USMC is using Formtran technology to read and automatically file barcoded documents. The documents have a variable number of barcodes and barcode types. Formtran’s software automatically identifies the two barcodes they need and uses the values gleaned from the barcodes to name a .pdf file. Users can then go back and quickly find a page based on the filename.