what formtran customers are saying

“We now can scan, verify and import the results from all our tests in one and a half days. This slashed the time needed to process tests by about 70%.”

Senior IS Specialist,
Orange Unified School District


Getting help from an expert is wise advice in any field. Particularly with technology, the rate of change is so fast that specialization is a must. Formtran focuses on only a few key technologies so we can know them inside and out.

Having a Formtran consultant work with you throughout your project can dramatically improve the design, implementation, management and ultimate success of the project. Our consultants work with you to learn your business and apply their knowledge to solving your issues.

For new deployments, customers typically engage with Formtran in a full lifecycle implementation. We offer an implementation approach that typically includes:


  • Requirements gathering
  • Solution design
  • Installation support
  • Solution development
  • System integration testing
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Go-live / production rollout
  • Project management