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what formtran customers are saying

“I can now process twice the number of surveys. More importantly, data is captured more accurately.”

Senior Vice President
Arrowhead Credit Union


LiquidOffice is web-based software for creating electronic forms and automated workflows to interact with customers, suppliers and employees.  LiquidOffice is the fastest way to put forms and processes online so you can save time, money and improve productivity.

  • Simple drag and drop form designer
  • Graphical process designer
  • Online form portal


  • 25 years experience with LiquidOffice.
  • Authorized OpenText Partner for all LiquidOffice software and services.
  • Formtran can help with new LiquidOffice licenses, upgrading old versions and adding new modules.
  • LiquidOffice professional services include support, training, programming, and form design.

Why Eforms?

  • “A secure online form is the most cost-efficient and environment-friendly way for us to gather information from many members at the same time.” 
  • “85% of companies that improved their bottom line did so by improving their internal processes, not by increasing revenue.”  CEO, Peoplesoft
  • “The time it takes to submit and approve forms has been cut from weeks to hours.”  CIO, City of Boston

Why Workflow?

Structured workflows formalizes business processes, making them consistent and productive.  LiquidOffice provides a powerful graphical workflow modeling tool.

  • Ensure compliance by enforcing consistent business processes
  • Decrease idle time between tasks
  • Raise alerts and improve insight into process bottlenecks
  • Impose deadlines to improve process turnaround time

Eform Return on Investment (ROI)

Every organization uses forms.  Paper forms and manual forms cost more than electronic forms and automatic processes.  A paper form can cost $145 per transaction compared to $5 for an electronic form.  Multiply this times hundreds of forms and you are talking big dollars.  At 100 transactions per day, this is $3.8 million for paper forms vs. $130,000 per year for electronic forms.  

Industry Analysts On LiquidOffice

  • “LiquidOffice…offers the most comprehensive and versatile process automation solution”  Gartner
  • “The LiquidOffice … workflow engine hit the high notes across our overall suite of workflow automation criteria.”  Forrester
  • “The LiquidOffice … approach of embedding rules makes their framework for automation very dynamic.”  IDC

Why LiquidOffice?

  • Scale. Proven to scale from small to enterprise projects.
  • Cost. No hidden charges that inflate the true cost of ownership.
  • Simplicity. Most projects require little or no custom programming which reduces setup and maintenance costs and ongoing errors.
  • Support. Developed and supported in the U.S.A. This means better, faster support when significant issues arise.
  • Secure.  All transactions outside the firewall are 100% secure.
  • Paper/Digital Connection.  Automatically link incoming paper forms to pending electronic items.
  • Financial Strength.  Backed by OpenText Corp (NASDAQ:OTEX)

Where Is LiquidOffice Used?

  • Accounting – Accounts payable, sales order processing, purchase requisitions
  • Education – Admission applications, financial aid, student transfers, grants
  • Financial Services – Loan applications, credit reports, new account opening
  • Government – Tax forms, vehicle registration, business licenses, benefits forms
  • Healthcare – Patient enrollment, insurance claims, prescription orders
  • Human Resources – Employee self-service, employee on-boarding, personnel and policy forms
  • Legal – Case management, client on-boarding, contract management
  • Manufacturing – Service requests, job orders, change control
  • Marketing – Sales lead processing, customer surveys
  • Production – Work orders, change management
  • Sales – Sales forecasting, business reports, sales order processing
  • Support/QA – Bug reports, feature requests, customer feedback

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