what formtran customers are saying

“You guys are just great to work with. Leaps and bounds better than who we were using before.”

Programmer/Analyst, Industrial Commission of Ohio


Business processes can be modeled as workflows, which are collections of tasks that must be executed in a certain sequence. A task represents an atomic activity or unit of work. The business process defines the constraints in the form of rules, which are interpreted and imposed by the workflow engine as it orchestrates the execution of a workflow.

Formtran’s workflow software is a web based graphical design application that allows business users to logically map the flow of a particular forms process with little or no coding required. This enables business users to define processes that involve human and automated tasks, transitions, decision points, automated notifications, sub-workflows and more. Point and click interfaces allow the quick design of structured workflows.


  • Process simulation
  • Library of predefined tasks
  • Sub-processes
  • Conditional transitions
  • Serial and parallel routing